Barry Bruder

“Benefits of Transcranial Stimulation Interventions”

About the Speaker

Barry Bruder, President & Co-founder, launched the vision of IASIS Technologies, Inc. in January 2013 to introduce IASIS MCN – Micro Current Neurofeedback (LIP-tES, Low Intensity Pulses, using transcranial Electrical Stimulation) to the world.

The driving force behind his passion are the brave women & men of our military fighting for our freedom, those in law enforcement, and fire and rescue.  Also for IASIS MCN to become the hub for research for this innovative, life changing modality.  

With the unacceptably high incidence of suicide in our country due to PTSD and traumatic brain injury, we were determined to implement IASIS MCN as a front line defense for combating this tragic pandemic.

Also critical are the benefits of IASIS MCN for Autism Spectrum Disorders, where it is believed to be helpful for assisted development of the speech areas of the brain.

In 2014, a University of California at San Diego, Institutional Review Board (UCSD-IRB) approved a Pilot Study examining the effects of the IASIS MCN intervention on Marines suffering PTSD & m-TBI (mild to moderate traumatic brain injury).

On Friday, May 29, 2015, a Veterans Administration Institutional Review Board (VA-IRB) in San Diego, CA approved recommending their Marines for the aforementioned pilot study, that IASIS MCN is a safe and efficacious technology to be tested on their men and women (given the findings to date of the pilot study).

IASIS MCN has been invited to participate in Israel in a research study with Lior Hospital which is known to treat the highest number of survivors of terror attack.  

The UCSD/VA pilot study published in Brain Injury Journal in September 2017. A large 250 Veteran double blind 4 year VA Merit Study is currently underway at UCSD, funded by the VA and US government.  May 9, the University of Texas at Tyler IRB have approval for two clinical studies on Alzheimer’s and Anxiety & Depression.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • Results through the use of technology.
  • Non-invasive interventions.
  • Mothers do not lie.
  • Success stories

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