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I just sent you an email with all the details about The Global Autism Summit, and I have listed the details for you below as well.

I can’t wait to share these expert interviews with you and connect as a community.

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Ana Elisa Villalaz

Here is how the videos series works:

  • The Global Autism Summit will kickoff on May 24th.
  • Each day at 7am PST you will receive an email from AnaElisa@globalautismsummit.com.
  • That daily email will include a link to GlobalAutismSummit.com website where the daily video(s) will be posted.
  • The videos will consist of interviews from well known experts (doctors, psychologists, coaches, nonprofits, etc), and each speaker will give you a FREE GIFT you can begin to use immediately.
  • You will have 48 hours to listen to each episode FREE, but to make things easy, I’ve created an exclusive opportunity for you.
  • Some of the coaching and information provided in these interviews would normally cost hundreds even thousands of dollars, but I’ve made it free for you while The Global Autism Summit is LIVE!

If you would like to have this video series forever, as your personal tool and reference, to help you with your child…I want to invite you to join The Global Autism Community. With this membership, you have access to all 3 installations of The Global Autism Summit, plus IMMEDIATE access to all upcoming installations — AND all of the Autism Expert Q&A sessions from 2020 through present, with more added weekly.

For just $27.00 a month, you will receive:

  • Access to all 3 installations of The Global Autism Summit, including captions
  • PDF transcripts of the interviews
  • Free gifts and other resources offered by the speakers
  • Access to all Autism Expert Q&A sessions from 2020 through present
  • Instant access to all future Expert Q&A sessions
  • Instant access to all upcoming installations of The Global Autism Summit
  • Any upcoming materials and workshops produced by Ana Elisa


The Global Autism Summit is a unique opportunity to hear from TOP EXPERTS IN THE AUTISM FIELD.  

It’s like sitting in their office as they give you personal advice on how to manage your autism, or your child’s autism, so the brilliant, creative side of autism can come shining through.

This online series will show you:

  • Strategies that dramatically improve behavioral meltdowns in school and at home
  • Special challenges women face, especially moms, and how to meet them peacefully
  • How medical, biomedical and natural interventions can change behavior, or not
  • Develop your child’s brain to transform autistic behaviors
  • Effective interventions for children with severe autism
  • How to improve social skills with autism
  • Productivity and motivational therapy techniques that work
  • The new mindset around autism, and how to adopt it
  • The freedom approach to thriving with autism
  • What are the best podcasts, websites, and resources available for autism
  • How autism just might be your greatest advantage
  • The shocking statistics about what happens when autism is not managed, and how to avoid it
  • and Much More!

 Now, let’s get ready for The Global Autism Summit!

Here are 3 steps so you’re ready for The Global Autism Summit:

Step 1:  Make sure these emails are marked as important

Step 1: Make sure you mark this email address AnaElisa@GlobalAutismSummit.com as “Important” or move it to your inbox so these emails don’t get dumped in your spam folder.

Step 2:  Join Our Community and Maximize Your Experience!

Step 2: Join our Facebook group so you connected with other people who are going through, or have experienced autism, and find community and powerful solutions.


Step 3:  Share The Global Autism Summit

Step 3: Share The Global Autism Summit.  If you know someone who could use tools and strategies that can improve children’s behavior, please share this with them.  Simply share this link over email, text or social media and give them the free gift of The Global Autism Summit. Share this link now: https://globalautismsummit.com/share


It is truly my honor to bring you this information.  I am so excited for you to see some of the experts that have joined our effort, and even more excited for you to receive the information they are sharing.

I also want  to acknowledge you for taking a stand for your child, and being steadfast in your search for solutions so they can be empowered for a happy future.

Much Love,

Ana Elisa Villalaz