Renee Keisman

“Learning in the Natural Environment”

About the Speaker

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Love 2 Learn Consulting, Renee Suss Keisman founded Love 2 Learn in 2008 with the intention of helping out just a few families in the area. However, Love 2 Learn grew into a multidisciplinary practice of ABA, ST, and OT to reach over 300 families yearly across numerous regions in Southern California over the last 12 years. Love 2 Learn has been recognized as Orange County Register’s Top Places to Work for 3 years in a row 2016, 2017, and 2018. We were honored to be a recipient of a Staff Satisfaction award from the BHCOE in 2018. Our culture has matured in the last decade to attract and maintain a team that believes in reliability, a commitment to excellence, high ethical standards, and a warm relational experience for all.

Assuring our teams have access to high-quality mentorship as a means for personal and professional development is a priority. Over the last two years, Love 2 Learn has adopted the EOS model to support all to lead, manage, and hold each other accountable in a way that engages all. Clinically, over the last 2 years Love 2 Learn has and continues to focus its ongoing studies in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compliance, Routine Based Intervention, and the Denver Early Start Model.

Kennedy Krieger Institute is where Renee obtained her initial training in the role of a Special Education Teacher back in 1998. She completed her Behavior Analytic coursework from the University of North Texas and earned her certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2007. After assisting Dr. Kathy Niager and team in growing a clinic and private practice for Trellis Services, Renee relocated with her family to the west coast in 2008 and founded Love 2 Learn Consulting with the goal of providing naturalistic and motivationally based clinical services in Applied Behavior Services. The need for quality services continues to push Love 2 Learn to expand both geographically and clinically. Renee has a passion to create experiences for staff, families, and learners that nourishes at multiple levels.

Developing new programs and sharing what she has learned in Leadership and Applied Behavior Analysis is at the top of Renee’s favorite things to do. She has presented at state and national conferences on various subjects such as Verbal Behavior, Staff Training, Data Collections, and Community Based Instruction to just name a few. When she isn’t working she is making memories with her husband and daughter. Feeling connected to nature, music, creativity, dance, and learning keeps Renee feeling her best.

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