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Featured Experts

Stephen Shore

The Four Secrets in the Autism Spectrum

Dr. Dan Shapiro

Successful Life vs. Meaningful Life

Cilla Whatcott

Homeopathy and Mother’s Intuition

Sonia Story

Body Movements That Activate Brain Maturation

Dr. Dana Johnson

Positive Impact on Communication: Sensory Integration and Occupational Therapy

Dr. Alisa Shawn

Job Opportunities During Adult Life Through Technology

Dr. Christina Reuterskiƶld

Fundamental Rules for Language Development

Becca Lory Hector

Success Throughout Adult Life With Proper Diagnosis

Victoria Boone

Fundamental bases of therapeutic interventions from
the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Kelly Miller-Alvarez

Transition into Adulthood: Independence

Helen Costa

The Inner Work of the Mother: Fundamental Piece in the Process

Jesse Saperstein

A Continuous Process Towards Strengthening Life Skills

Marcia Hinds

The Process of Recovery For Your Child

Ryan Hetrick

Longitudinal Process of Recovery for Patients Documented in a Film

Debra Muzikar

Art: Expression of Life and Communication

Dabaiba de Nilipour

Center for Adults with Autism, Organized by a Family

Karen Thomas

Naturally Recovering Autism

Renee Keisman

Learning in the Natural Environment

Maria Rickert Hong

Parent Guide: The Answer to Recovery

Danielle Ryer

Living with Autism in Adult Life

Patricia Powell

At some point in our life we will all have a disability

Temple Grandin

My personal experience with autism and the Mind Theory

Dr. Kurt Woeller

Autism and Biomedical Interventions

John Forrester

Women and Autism

Amy S.F. Lutz

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) and Severe Autism

Peggy Glenney

Sounds, Balance, and Communication: Therapeutic Interventions

Ilana Gerschlowitz

Autism, Family, and Community

Eli Gerschlowitz

A Brother’s Experience

Robert Naseef

My experience as a father

Amy Gravino

Autism and Sexuality

Dr. Varleisha Gibbs

Occupational Therapy and Brain Neuroplasticity

Raun K. Kaufman

Building a relationship with a person with autism makes the difference

Camila Titone

Training for Parents with Excellent Results

Linda Hodgdon

Visual Strategies to Improve Communication

Katie Cook

Thriving with Autism

Grace Clark

How to Give Support to Non-Verbal Children with Autism

Alma Galvan

Interventions for Neurological Reorganization: Self-Regulation is Possible

D.N Wu

My experience living with autism

Dr. Lee Wachtel

Medical Interventions and Autism

Dr. Carmen Lopez-Arvizu

Positive and Effective Interventions from Psychiatry

Dr. Laurence Becker

With Eyes Wide Open: Savant Artist with Autism

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